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My debut book ‘Icefall’ tells the true story of overcoming adversity on a relentless journey to the top of the world, and has already been endorsed by Bear Grylls and explorer Mark Wood. Icefall won bronze in the Readers Favorite International Book Contest 2016.

“A suspenseful memoir marked by adventure, hardship, and achievement, Icefall is the remarkable true story of a teenager’s journey to conquer Mount Everest. Plagued by adversity and epilepsy as a child, Alex developed a determination and will to succeed that would ultimately lead him from his home in Cheshire, England to the face of Everest at only eighteen years old. Though his will to reach the summit was extraordinary, he could have never anticipated the unprecedented dangers and risks that the mountain had in store for him. In this inspirational tale of tragedy and redemption, Alex reveals the universal truth that adversity may be the greatest teacher of all, but nothing can teach you more about life than death”.

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Released 9th March 2016, RRP £12.99

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“Descriptions of Everest Base Camp in both 2014 and 2015 are honest and harrowing. This is a great read and I’m excited to see what Alex does next”

Adventure Travel Magazine

“It was an epic event which provoked him to sit down and write an autobiography at the unfeasibly young age of 19. The result is an enthralling tale, well told”

Cheshire Life Magazine

“Books about Everest have become so commonplace that readers might wonder if there’s still anything new to say about the mountain. And, let’s face it, ‘inspirational’ is an over-used word these days – in fact, I tend to avoid it. But in the case of Alex Staniforth and his book Icefall, inspirational is the right word to use. This is one of the most remarkable books about Everest I have ever read, and it deserves its place in the corpus of work about the mountain.”

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Alex Roddie

“Even if you are not a mountain climber or never dream of climbing Mount Everest, there are valuable lessons in Icefall by Alex Staniforth. Icefall is so much more than just an adventure story about a teenager who climbs a mountain. It is a well-written narrative with a very personal style that makes it feel as if Alex Staniforth is talking to you directly. I loved the personality that flowed from these pages and really made Alex feel like a friend, especially as he talked about sharing his dream of his ascent.”

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Michael White, Readers Favorite

“Fantastic, fascinating journey of a young man. I enjoyed the book immensely and it gave me hope and inspiration to strive for better things. If anybody has struggles in their life this is a lovely book to give a positive outlook. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, it is well written… what a little gem”

Jacha Potgeiter

“I was very much looking forward to Alex’s book hitting the shelves, and I wasn’t disappointed! Proof that when someone puts their mind to achieving a goal, it can be reached, despite the multitude of hurdles that have to be overcome. If you’re lacking in inspiration and get up and go, then this is the book for you.”

Paul Arnold

“Adversity can be so cruel but Alex has fought back time and time again. The book also shows that one mans achievements are grown within a community and that we are to never rule out our dreams. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to get out and get on.”

Pete Keen

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