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What a week it’s been! It’s a good job I’ve been training hard because my heart’s been taking a few extra beats this week. Everything came at once preparing for two big meetings and I’ve got some great news for you with my journey to the top of the world. The biggest step so far.

I’m delighted to announce as my first major sponsor for Everest 2014 Climb4Change. I’m so proud to have the support of such a great award-winning business in my local area and they’re helping me to realise my ambition of climbing Everest. Textlocal are the UK’s number 1 business mobile messaging service, based in Chester and Malvern, committed to exceeding customer expectations in the mobile messaging market. As well as their financial contribution they will be kindly supplying me with clothing and equipment. There’s more exciting things to be announced too as we work together. With their support my expedition total has reached £20,000, so I’m over half-way funded with my expedition. That feels amazing. I never dreamed I’d get this far so soon but I never stopped believing and it’s great to have sponsors that believe in me too.


It was fantastic to confirm our partnership on Monday. Definitely one of the proudest moments of my life. I could of bounced home with Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer’ playing on loop for the bus journey back and the sugar-surge of a Caffe Nero Hot Chocolate Milano… I need to be putting weight on in the build up to Baruntse where the altitude will make it difficult to maintain body weight, so I can get away with it… right?

There wasn’t much time to celebrate as I was up till 3am Tuesday morning preparing for a second big meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Everything was very rushed but I always give 100%. Everything came at once but that’s how things go sometimes. Exciting developments emerging and I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget to listen to Chester Dee 106.3 for me next Wednesday at 9.15am giving an interview. My PR campaign starts soon and I’m getting things into place to keep you well-updated whilst I’m away- my good friend Chris is kindly manning my blog and Twitter.

Before I forget, this week’s shoutout from Twitter goes to Pete @n3ptu!

On that note, I best be off. So much stuff to cram in this weekend, with training and organising kit. My crampons came yesterday and my sponsors Marmot are due to send me loads of fantastic gear too. This will then be branded with the Textlocal logo and taken to Baruntse with me. I’ve been mad busy making phone calls and sorting lots of niggly bits in the build-up to the expedition but I’m feeling stronger than ever, and ready. There’s now only 3 clients on my expedition including myself and I’m looking forward to making a good bunch of friends out of it.

Making dreams is great, but making them happen is even greater.



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