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On May 13th 2017 I will begin my biggest journey yet. Climbing to the highest point of all 100 UK counties in 72 days, with 48 ceremonial counties in England, 13 historic counties in Wales, 6 in Northern Ireland and 33 historic counties in Scotland. Over 4,782 miles on bike, 484 on foot, 8km by kayak and 383,871ft of height gain.

#ClimbTheUK will involve cycling between the highest points before walking up them… even kayaking across to the Isle of Wight before mountain biking to its’ highest point! I will be carrying my own supplies in panniers and entirely human-powered barring any essential ferries. I want as many people as possible to come and join me on their home counties’ highest point, promoting the opportunities for adventure on home soil.

Why #ClimbTheUK?

Getting every corner of the UK talking about mental health –  it’s not a sign of weakness.

Mental illness is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with – far more difficult than climbing Everest. The earliest signs were of panic attacks, OCD and anxiety aged just ten, triggered by a brief bout of childhood epilepsy. A running injury in 2012 took away a coping mechanism and I sank into depression. I coped instead with an eating disorder – binge eating and bulimia. Years of various medication and treatment have brought me to manage this problem, even if it may never completely go away.

It’s fantastic that people like Prince Harry are also speaking out about mental health, to show that mental illness can affect everyone, anywhere, all over the UK. I have also decided to be open. People see the adventurer, athlete and ‘confident’ person speaking on stage but need to see the human side too. Mental illness is not a sign of weakness. Many are afraid to seek help and speak out, which is the first step to overcome mental health challenges.

Even then, many still don’t get the understanding or support they desperately need. So we need to do something about it. This is why I’m fundraising for Young Minds UK to campaign, provide training, research and ultimately provide better support for young people facing mental illness.

Everyone has their own mountain to climb and my big message over the next few months is that if you’re suffering from mental health issues, please speak out, tell someone you trust, visit the Young Minds website and seek help. Talking about it is a sign of STRENGTH.

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